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October 2014
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In this episode we get to hang out with publisher and mad genius Giancarlo DiTrapano of Tyrant Books. We rap about almost everything anyone would ever want to talk about---growing up weird, finding one's self, the publishing industry, cluster headaches and miracle cures, psilocybin, West Virginia, dogs, and love in its many varied and wonderful forms. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did in making it. Giancarlo is love.

This will be the last episode of Almost Live at Mellow Pages for the next while. In doing this show, we've been able to spend a lot of time getting to know writers/publishers/editors we really love and wanted to speak to, and the common thread throughout has been putting in time and work. Both Eric and myself have books coming out in 2015, and we realize we both have some of our own work to get down to doing. We hope you've enjoyed this run of shows, and we hope to be back sooner rather than later.

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In this episode, we sit around and ramble with the incredibly kind Cari Luna, author of The Revolution of Every Day, current resident of Portland, New Yorker for life. We talk about what it's like to pull up stakes and move the circus of life to a new city, the history of squatters in NYC, the process of putting together a book on the subject and then getting to know and be a part of that community, gentrification[obviously], and how she does her magick. Cari is goddamn wonderful. Pretty sure y'all will fall in love with her like we did.

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In this episode we get to hang out and talk with Jamie Iredell, author of Prose. Poems. A Novel.The Book of FreaksI Was a Fat Drunk Catholic School Insomniac, and the forthcoming Last Mass. If you don't know Jamie, we're not sure where you've been living or what you've been reading, because Jamie is incredible and his writing is something you should be reading. We talk AWP and what it's like to attend conferences of that size, small presses and the future of publishing, the books he has coming soon and the process behind them, and all sorts of other stuff. You could do worse than to seek out Jamie's books and devour them.

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