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July 2014
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In this episode we have a wonderful talk with poet Mike Bushnell, author of the just-out OHSO, a sprawling and beautiful book of poetry that will infect the heart and consciousness. We rap about performance and how Mike has developed his very unique voice and style and Mike gives us all a taste as he reads from OHSO. If you ever get the chance to see Mike perform, we highly suggest you do so.  

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In Episode 11, we spend some time with the relentless and charming D. Foy, author of Made to Break. We talk about booking your own book tour and all of the things that go into that kind of stew, traversing America by car solo, psychic abilities, and about staying true to your artistic vision irrespective of obstacles. 

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In Episode 10, we hang/rap/laugh/explore with poet/publisher/all-around good dude Mike YoungMike runs Magic Helicopter Press and has been an integral part of moving indie publishing/writing from ones and zeros into paper and hands. Mike was in town for a thing and we were so stoked he came and spent an afternoon with us at Mellow Pages. Mike even took a request from Eric and sings us all a song. Mike's newest book, Sprezzatura, is on the cusp of release from Publishing Genius.

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In this episode we get to hang with Elissa Schappell–all-around literary powerhouse/rabble rouser, book editor at Vanity Fair, and co-founder/Editor-At-Large of Tin House. We talk about her beginnings as a writer and the path she's navigated to get to the place she's at, places she's lived, as well as how she has managed to overcome some personal issues and be the awesome human being she is today. This is a doozy of an episode, so make yourself a nice cool drink and settle in and enjoy.

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Luckily for Eric and my fool self, Juliet Escoria happened to be in town to do a couple of readings and we were able to hang out/sit down/tell jokes/rap with her. Her book BLACK CLOUD came out earlier this year from Civil Coping Mechanisms, and it is a monster. We talked about the process of writing a book to getting it into meaty paws and recovery and teaching and exposed Eric's lack of a goth past.

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