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September 2014
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In this episode, we get to know Mark Doten, senior editor at Soho Press and author of the forthcoming novel The Infernal. We talk about all sorts of inside baseball publishing stuff with Mark, not to mention working in plenty of craft talk as well. Mark is a joy to talk with and an endless well of knowledge. Look out for his book when it drops.

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In this episode, we get to hang out and talk with Lauren Quinn, writer, educator and all-around woman of the world. Lauren's writing has appeared in places like Guernica, Huffington Post, The Rumpus, and many others. Lauren is a friend of the show and has a unique perspective on living abroad and learning how to write and she talks about her decision to make her way back to America to continue with her education, among other things. Plenty of great stuff to dig into. Enjoy.

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Oh boy. In this episode we hang out with the wonderful and kind Zachary Lipez, who has had words all over the internet in places like Hazlitt, Noisey, the revamped MySpace, The Talkhouse, and many others. Lipez is becoming one of the most well-enjoyed voices out there in the ones and zeros of music writing, and his background as former vocalist in the sadly defunct Freshkills informs that writing. We talk with Zack about how he ended up writing for Noisey, the art of criticism, Twitter activism, political correctness, Williamsburg then and now, the derogatory and unnecessary use of the word "hipster," his new musical project Publicist UK, and so much more. Zack is one of the brightest and best we know. Check him out. We know you'll dig him.

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In this episode we talk with Dan Magers, author of PARTYKNIFE, a book of poems. We talk about anxiety, what went into building/producing/birthing PARTYKNIFE, running a small chapbook press, experimenting with forms, competitiveness, what got the juices flowing to inspire, and lots of other fun as hell stuff. Dan is a good dude and if you ever get that chance to see him read or talk with him, we suggest you do so.

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